About Us

Made from a lightweight special material, our goal at Shade Disk® was to design a portable & extremely versatile, personal sun-shade, with bright patterns inspired by the surf culture of Southern California.

Founded in Orange County California, Shade Disk® was born out of love of the beach, pool, and outdoor lifestyle that deliver warm sunny days throughout the year. Full-sized beach and patio umbrellas don't always offer shade precisely where you need it, so we developed a mini-shade that you can throw in a beach bag, purse, pocket, or tote.  

A little shade always comes in handy, whether you're looking to block the sun's glare from your eyes while laying out, keeping your cell phone and other personal belongings from overheating on a side table, or keeping your favorite beverage cooler a little bit longer.  In fact it's so versatile, we're confident our customers will share new ways to use Shade Disk® at their favorite outdoor setting.