Q: Is Shade Disk UVA/UVB or UPF Rated?

A: In general there is currently no standard metric evaluating the UV protectiveness of shade unlike Sun Protective Clothing or Sunscreen.  Shade Disk is designed as a comfort product for the intention of blocking the sun's glare and reducing surface temps under the shade canopy while outdoors.  Additionally we want to ensure safe sunscreen practices (Recommended high SPF) whenever enjoying the outdoors. Studies have shown that even while using a standard-sized beach/sun umbrella, or awning-style canopy, harmful UV light can still reflect off water, sand, and other surfaces reaching your skin.  "Because multiple variables can significantly influence the effectiveness of shade, it remains challenging to quantify how much actual protection a specific shade device would provide in a given situation." - Johnson & Johnson Study via JAMA network / JAMA Dermatology.


Q: How does Shade Disk® handle windy conditions?

A: Shade Disk® is very lightweight and not meant to handle strong winds.  However we've noticed in our own testing that the shade canopy flapping is greatly reduced when the attachment spool is pointed into the direction of the wind.

Q: Will my shade pattern fade?

A: Our shades are designed to be extremely lightweight, portable, and designed with custom printed patterns, so they do not have the durability of other heavy-duty single color sun shade fabrics on the market.  Depending on level of use, you should expect our shades to last about a summer season before they start to fade dramatically. The life of the shade will increase dramatically if used only when needed and not left out in the elements day & night.

Q:  Can I have a shade customized with a logo?

A: Yes, please contact us directly at info@shadedisk.com for customizable options. We can silk screen single-color logo's or custom text onto our shade canopy's. Minimum order quantities & art setup charges do apply for promotional or custom branded shades.